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George was born in Washington. He is a young associate lawyer, and law is their passion. But after some time, he found that he felt more comfortable and enjoyed when he helped those injured by others. Then, he made the decision that he wanted to be a personal injury trial lawyer. 

His law firm is located in Richland, Washington, and provides services on personal injury issues. He completed their legal studies at Gonzaga University of the School of Law and graduated in 1997.

After some years, He gained a successful experience as a personal injury lawyer. The first case he handled as a personal injury lawyer was of a young woman whose femur bone was broken in an accident. After this case, he helped people who were injured in an accident.

George wants to expand its business from car accidents to medical malpractice cases. He explores more about it and pursues significant results for his clients. This field became a source of pride because George collected tens of millions of dollars in this.

He mostly focuses on those cases in which people are injured by anyone, like car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, uber & Lift accidents, drunk driving accidents, distracted driving accidents, construction zone accidents, or any other type of accident and medical malpractice claims. In medical malpractice, sometimes lawsuits are complex because it is a medical profession, and there are many reasons for them. 

He has litigation and trial practice at all levels. The state supreme court experience the changing law features. He handled all the cases with a mind presence in several countries and 

throughout Washington state.

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Top rated Attorney

In 2005, rising stars selected the top-rated and top-rated Attorney George E. Telquist. Many lawyers are designated super lawyers, but George performs well in legal practices. He is securing millions of dollars for clients who suffered from injuries.

George has a great success story. He is awarded millions for juries and ten million dollars from injured people. He is an active attorney in Washington State and enjoys all outdoor activities. 

Telaré Law

George created the Telaré law in 2007. He is a significant a hardworking leader in personal injury cases. He fights against injustice daily, and they are true partners on your path to justice. He is experienced in every type of hurt in a single vehicle or multi-car; they can help you.

One time attorney George Telquist said that he is a trial lawyer and their law firm and their work is their passion. He assists mostly those people who are civil litigators because he loves to help those people who are injured at the hand of others. This is their passion, and he is living their dream life by fulfilling their passion. He also said their work would allow him to experience different things and terms.