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A professional website is needed for every project. It needs to be attractive. Our team of experts creates websites and develops web design services for you.

We create a website for you that leaves the best first impression on visitors, and we also focus on your beautiful designs and layouts that give information to your buyers.

When it comes to the design and development of a website, it’s essential to work with a company with a lot of information about web design and development. TECHNEORB creates an environment that enables you to join in a process where we work together.

Your website design improves the performance of your website. Knowing that you must build a website and incorporate the ever-changing SEO and it can be daunting.


The process we follow to create web design has some steps that are given below:

  1. The first step we took was to do the proper research and investigation about you. In this step, a questionnaire is created in which you have to answer numerous questions about you and your business and tell us about the sites you like and dislike.
  2. Next, the most important and exciting step is designing. In this step, you will get full planning of art, color, typography, a site map, etc. This is a collaborative project, so we want your response and input throughout the process.
  3. Once you’ve picked your design, it’s time to develop your site! We will take your idea and turn it into a completely working website. We will provide a private URL for a sneak preview of your new site on all your devices.
  4. Next, content plays a significant role in any website. It is crucial because your clients come to your website for a reason, so ensure you have answers to all their queries.
  5. Hurrah! It’s time to launch your great web design. So, it means you have verified and accepted all the design, typography, site map, etc. Now your website is ready to face the world. We will put all the technical effort into it and ensure that Google knows where it is too.
  6. In the beginning, your website is just launching! So we have to plan a kick-off call to train you on managing your website. If you have any questions, we will answer them all, and here we will also discuss support options with you.

To Boom, your website needs proper care.


There are three ways to optimize your website.

Be Mobile Friendly

TECHNE ORB designs mobile-friendly websites. Is there anything worse than having a website that does not work on your phone? Almost 90% of users search for things on their mobile phones, and without a mobile & SEO-friendly website, you are likely isolating half of your users. Most people don’t search past pages they are looking for, which means you are not being seen if you are not there.

Be Easy to Read

If you have any information about SEO, then you know that content is a key that plays a significant role in any website. It is crucial because your clients come to your website for a reason, so ensure you have answers to all their queries.

Poor designs can make reading impossible when users visit your website. Your website looks good when we display your content on each page with a clear font that is easy on the eyes and people can read quickly. It is easy to read.

Use sitemaps

The critical element of a website is your sitemap which tells the search engine what pages are the most important and provide a guide to all the content on your website.

You can trust TECHNEORB for your website design because they know what keywords make your site more friendly to Google and know tricks and strategies that you’re your design. They create websites that are easily read, flow nicely, and are mobile-friendly. 

If you want to boost your views, don’t worry TECHNEORB is here to help you.